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Our Experiences Are Our Teachers

There are many shifts occurring collectively right now and that have already been occurring, awakening more people to the truth of who they are on so many levels. These changes can be subtle or loud, creating fast movement in our life. So much heaviness has lifted and this will continue, it is a process. Allow what is falling away, to fall away and release. At times I have felt I lost so much, yet all the healing that I have moved through was teaching me so much about myself and I am so very grateful. There are so many beautiful people and experiences that have come from the leap of faith I took over 3 years ago when moving to Sedona, AZ. It was a Pure True Soul Calling I had, and  I answered. My whole Being lit up, my heart expanded more than I had ever thought possible. We all are presented with these opportunities. Choosing to awaken, heal,  love and forgive yourself - shifts everything. Recently, the new people in my life have shown me true beauty, sisterhood, unconditional love, compassion and have been awesome mirrors, showing me just how much everything has shifted within me, even if sometimes I did not see it. I called in heart based relationships and I have learned what that truly means. The relationship with ourselves is so important; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual-it all matters. Our experiences are our teachers, helping us all to  transform into more of who we truly are. A change in perception and what we give our energy to can literally change reality, we all have the ability to do this, and we do whether we are conscious of it or not. The awarenesses/messages/ synchronicities show up through everything and everyone, for me they been very heart based. Our hearts are so intelligent and it’s so important to lead life from this space. Truth beyond ego resides here and it is magical. Self love and forgiveness has the ability to open you more fully to the very core of your heart, connecting to your inner child and from there it continues to bloom.

Dreams, divine knowings, pure intentions do not disappear or ever go away, they align you to what you truly want to create in life. We hold wisdom from all our lifetimes, it is all right here for us to access and remember. We are learning to trust even deeper, soften more and surrender, allowing more grace, peace and joy to take up space in your life. Be present with the beauty already here NOW and witness how it can change everything.

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