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About Our Team

At Heart Innergetics, we are passionate about providing our clients with activated crystals, handmade jewelry, and energy healing sessions to support you on your journey. We believe that every individual has the ability to benefit from the healing energy of crystals and we take great pride in hand-selecting the high quality varieties to fill our inventory. Our jewelry is also handcrafted with love, each piece is infused with sacred activations . We offer a range of services that aim to promote physical, mental and spiritual well-being.


Lisa Gray

Certified Master Sacred Activations Practitioner, Medical Intuitive and Teacher

Certified Usui Reiki Level 2 & Certified Accelerated Galactic Light Healing Level 2


Lisa Gray is a Sacred Activations Master Practitioner, Medical Intuitive and Teacher. With many years of experience and knowledge, she is a guide, focused to be of service &  assist others on their healing journey. Lisa provides a compassionate and nurturing space where clients can activate their full potential and start living from the heart. Her approach is supportive, empathetic, and understanding, and she is committed to helping each client feel comfortable and safe throughout the healing process.


Vicki Gray


Crystal Wisdom and Jewelry Designer

Vicki has dedicated her retirement to curating a collection of crystals, each with its own special energy. Crafting beautiful pieces of jewelry is her full-time job, and she loves to share her love of crystals with others. Our jewelry is designed to help the wearer connect with their inner self and find balance and peace through the power of crystals.

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