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About  Us

Heart Innergetics: Living, Creating & Healing from Within the Heart Space. As we do this within ourselves, our intention is to Unify and Connect from Our Hearts to Yours, creating lasting heart based relationships.


Lisa Gray offers intuitive  guidance,  energy healing sessions  for individuals and groups, as well as Sacred Activations Practitioner Training  to offer support. With a mission and passion to facilitate healings, create a heart based community and to teach;  she is here to assist others on their awakening path. 


Lisa and her mom, Vicki,  believe that every individual has the ability to benefit from the connection and healing energy of crystals and they take great care in hand-selecting beautiful treasures to fill their online  store. ​Their high vibrational crystal jewelry is infused with LOVE and energetic healing frequencies.  Sacred Activations are run on all our jewelry and crystals; activated and charged here in Sedona, AZ. 


Lisa Gray

Wayshower, Certified Sacred Activations Master Medical Intuitive and SA Teacher

Certified Usui Reiki Level 2 & Certified Accelerated Galactic Light Healing Level 2

Lisa Gray is a certified Sacred Activations Master Medical Intuitive Practitioner and Teacher. Through her own awakening journey, trainings and remembrance; she is a guide, focused to be of service and assist others on their healing journey. Lisa provides a compassionate and sacred space where clients can release, activate and embody their full potential; truly living from their sacred heart. Her approach is supportive and empowering to assist those choosing to align to their highest path.


Vicki Gray

Crystal Wisdom and Jewelry Designer

Vicki has dedicated her retirement to curating a collection of crystals with her daughter, Lisa, each having its own special energy. Crafting beautiful pieces of jewelry is her full-time job, and she loves to share her love of crystals with others. Our jewelry is designed to help the wearer connect with their inner self and find balance and peace through the power of crystals.

Before my session with Lisa @ heartinnergetics, I must admit I had little knowledge about energy healing and its effectiveness. However, after experiencing a session with Lisa, I feel compelled to share an honest review for those who, like me, were skeptical but curious.

I had been neglecting the signals my body had been sending me, urging me to slow down and recharge. Eventually, my body went into a state of nervous anxiety to get my attention. It is at this point I reached out to Lisa for help, primarily through prayer. To my surprise, she responded promptly and scheduled a session for the very next morning_the quickest response I've ever received from a caregiver.

The session took place over Zoom, allowing me to be in the comfort of my own space. Lisa began by asking insightful questions to understand where I was emotionally and mentally. She was not only kind but also thorough. She explains the process before commencing the session. What I can share about the experience is that it felt lie a soothing massage for my soul, my inner self, and my mind. I immediately felt safe, supported, and remarkably calm- feelings I hadn't felt in a while. In the days following the session , I continued to feel better. It truly felt like a lifeline during a time I really needed it.

 I am certain that I will reach out to Lisa agaian in the future, and I strongly encourage anyone who is on the fence about energy work to give it a try. Lisa's expertise and care are truly commendable. 

Jessica McHale, South Carolina

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