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3.5.24: Trust Your Inner Guidance.

I say this a lot: There are messages in everything,  whether it be in numbers, animals, plants, people, dream time, and really with all life itself. Being present allows you to hear them. What lights your heart up or what are the experiences that show you what does not feel good to help create a realignment to bring healing, peace or more joy to your life? They are all here to awaken you, shift your awareness and free you, we are here to help free each other. It reminds me of why I feel called to certain messages I tune into or read, the art, music, places to hike/ or travel to, and people I have in my life etc. I feel the connection deep within my heart, the energy of what or who I interact with. The wisdom we share with one another has the power to help shift a mindset, give hope, uplift and activate deep remembrances. There are many truths being revealed right now and have been for a long time, and for those who are just starting to awaken, it will change how you perceive everything you thought you knew. I received messages from The Great White Brotherhood of Light and White Buffalo Woman the other night saying they are here, and they never left, we walk with them as a team of light. We can call them in and connect with them. White Buffalo Woman reminds us of the sacredness of life, ALL life, the LIGHT we ALL are and we ALL hold and how important it is to honor this within ourselves, Gaia and ALL Beings. We are all worthy of living a life we truly love and doing this in such a way that does not seek to hurt or put others down, but unifies, as we are able to choose to see each other through the eyes of unconditional love, grace, and compassion. When we choose to let our heart lead, reality shifts within us and all around us. Both messages were received in one night but come together as a message of unity, trust and the support we are all receiving right now, whether you realize it or not. Sending lots love through the heart waves.

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