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12.03.2022 - Staying Rooted in Love.

Let love be the foundation for everything, this reminder is what literally brings me back every time I feel like I’m completely in a free fall, unsure of what is going on. One test after another, irrational thoughts of do I fail if I react or completely feel it’s all falling apart?! No, it is important to feel it all and not suppress what is arising. I’m reminded of the fact everything I’m building and creating is birthed through loving intention and what falls away is meant to. We are not alone. There is a bigger picture, all experiences teach and assist us, ultimately having an effect as a collective. We are all shifting together, our intentions and choices matter.

Deep transformation from within has brought and continues to create the beautiful world I am experiencing. The continued transformation and relationship I have with myself, the universe - calls in the relationships I want to experience and build with others, it’s reflected back to me.

I have days when I wake up fully feeling like I’m glowing in LOVE. Then I have days were I wake feeling like I’m being tested on many levels beyond this physical reality, like today. I felt like everything I have been moving through and healing had been stirred. I wanted to scream and I did, it felt good - but my mind seemed to take it so far. It is important to process and also important to come back to what is true, love. There has been a deeper spiritual awakening occurring for me this year that has shown me so much, I plan to share more about this later. It is ALL beautiful, even the seemingly ugly parts, for awhile this was hard for me to accept - not anymore.

When I’m in my heart, all is seen differently, expanded, in unconditional love. Truth is revealed and remembrance of what is truly important flows through me. I have been supported by not just my family, but everyone and everything seen and unseen - for this I am truly grateful. Staying rooted in love and knowing it is the foundation of everything I Am creating in my life and with others.

With Love and Gratitude.


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