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Fire Agate, Blue Goldstone & Pyrite Bracelet.


  1. 6 1/2 inches (Small)
  2. 7 inches (Large)


Fire Agate: Grounding and protective. It has a calming, yet passionate energy. Fire agate is said to be able to shield the wearer from harm and ill wishes and helps you to deflect negativity.

Pyrite: Protection, prosperity, strength, energy and will-power. Assists the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Blue Goldstone: Provides healing energy, self-acceptance and calming. A great stone for empaths. This stone is associated with the Crown and Heart Chakras.


All Jewelry is Handmade with LOVE!

Fire Agate, Blue Goldstone & Pyrite Bracelet

SKU: B41-007
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