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The Ruby pendant, mined and had cut in North Carolina. The necklace has Rubies, Iolite, Black Pearl, & Apatite. Below are brief descriptions of the stones meanings and the energies that are infused in this necklace .


Rubies: Connected to the Heart Chakra, brings spiritual wisdom, shields against psychic attacks, creativity, loyalty and compassion.


Iolite: Connected to the Third Eye Chakra, Known as a vision stone-it enhances psychic abilities, intuition and direction.


Black Pearl: Connected to the Root Chakra, offers grounded emotional protection and healing, prosperity, wealth and Love.


Apatite: Connected to the Heart and Throat Chakra, assists in many ways- personal power to achieve goals, psychic abilities, manifestation and allowing expansion of knowledge.


Handmade With LOVE!

Ruby Necklace (Rubies, Iolite, Black Pearl, & Apatite)

SKU: J18-007
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