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Orthoceros Necklace.


Orthoceros Pendant: Fossilized remains of an extinct marine animalfor anchient wisdom and healing. Spiritually heals past life wounds, identify and overcome fears related to the past.


10 mm Shungite Beads: Protection, Purification and Healing.


10 mm Selinite Beads: Clearing and cleansing negative energies, helping to connect to higher realms.


10 mm Tourmalated Quartz: Clears out negative energies, transforms into powerful healing energies.


6 mm Labradorite Beads: Spiritual Enlightenment, Magical Manifestation, Healing and Protection.


Hematite Spacers: Grounding, Magnetism, Conductivity and Balancing.


All Jewelry is Handmade with LOVE!


Orthoceros Necklace

SKU: J29-007
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