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Necklace Length: 18 Inches (20inches w/pendant)


Labradorite Pendant & 12mm Labradorite Beads: Assists the body and spirit in healing itself. Metaphysically, labradorite is considered a powerful protector. The gemstone creates a sheild for auras and protects against negativity. Stimulates and assists the Throat Chakra. Magic, Intuition, & Protection.


Green Moonstone: Goddess Energy. Assists with self discovery, intuition, insight, and dreams. Third Eye and Crown Chakra.


Moss Agate (6mm Beads): Assistds with stability, persistence and grounding. Works with the Root and Heart Chakra.


This necklace was made with the intentions to assist with positive energy, intuition, divine feminine energy and protection. Assists All Chakras.


All Jewelry is Handmade with LOVE!


Labradorite Necklace

SKU: J34-007
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