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Heart Innergetics Healing Sessions With Lisa

Lisa Gray is a certified Sacred Activations Master Practitioner, Medical Intuitive & Sacred Activations Teacher, through Tamra Oviatt, founder of  Sacred Activations. Energetic Healing Sessions are offered primarily using the Sacred Activations healing modality, which helps clear out old belief systems holding you back that are deeply held in your sub-conscious and conscious mind, clear and balance your chakras & live from your heart. Lisa is also a certified practitioner in Accelerated Galactic Light Healing through Vandana Atara Aura from Vandana Light Healing, as well as a certified Reiki 2 Practitioner.

We are able to work on and create energetic shifts that help heal, align & empower you in the following areas of your life:


- Heart Innergetics (Heart Connection & Living from Your Heart)

- Health

- Prosperity

- Relationships

- Psychic/Intuitive Abilities 

- Addictions


Please feel free to contact me via the email below regarding your upcoming session. All sessions are provided using Zoom and a recording of the session is provided after we meet. To schedule a session with me please purchase via the "Services link here or in the dropdown menu. I look forward to working with you and assisting you on your healing journey. 

Below is link to receive the first foundational Sacred Activations, free.

Lots of Love & Gratitude!


Questions For Energetic Healing Sessions Please Email:


"The two exchanges with Lisa Gray has been a different experience. Seeing the grids were beyond my imagination and after our last exchange I had a good nights sleep. The next day I said, "something feels different". Yes, I am more focused. Thank you Lisa!"

Nasi Reynold, United Kingdom

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